You Have The Right

by G. White


Order in the Court

be warned
you have the right to remain silent
anything you say
anything you do
may be construed as testimony
against you

be further advised...

to throw yourself at the mercy of my court
decline counsel
submit to the siren of your temptations

let the trial begin
so i may interrogate your fantasies
until they confess to their crimes


triple eternity 
               with me.

come labor endlessly
quench your insatiable thirst
in the whirlpool of my wanton lust

lay shackled in the chains of my passion
and anticipate the floods of my earth
inhale my elixir 
by the sweet whispers of my breath
as sultry eyes pirohuette across your body landscape
enveloping you in my mystery

feel my demand calling out to you
in the passion of your obsession
to be executed 
                      by me!  

ask for deliverance into my world...i command thee!

and in the silence of your solitudes
memories will cascade

of eyes draped in cool silk dressing
flittering with visions in the dark
portraying the cadence of my fingertips
tracing your speechless lips
tempting you with their tips

as i bowed to lip lock our tongues
engaging them in a feverish chase
spinning senses like a raging river
singing it's melody into the tunnel of the night

and when i 
and blew upon your terrain
with torrid taunting kisses
that danced in rhythmic convulsions
to the rhumba of your heartbeats 
magical native chants escaped from your mouth
running wild
begging to be free
so        i

to exalt your majesty
in the splendor of your realm
and cast upon your flaming staff
the waters of my lust.

You Have The Right by G. White

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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