I Dream of Him

by Carol Greene

It doesnít matter the time of day
Heís always on my mind.
I wonder if I really loved him like I told him one time.
Did he love me too?
Do I pop up in his mind from time to time?
Yeah, Iím pretty sure I do.
But if we loved each other like we said we did, 
then we should still be together, right?
Maybe it wasnít meant to be.
Iím in love with a new man now.
He should be the only one that I think about...
Dream and daydream about.
But heís not; this other guy is the one that pops up in my mind.
At work, I doze off and daydream of running into him on the street.
Our eyes meet...
And our hearts flutter...
Butterflies take over our bellies and we smile at each other.
I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck
He wraps his arms around my waist.
He squeezes me tight, 
Letting me know that he is going to pick me up,
I grab his neck tighter.
Once he has me up I wrap my legs around his waist.
We stay like that for a long time (I wish it was longer)
He puts me down and once again
Our eyes meet
Then our lips touch
We smile at each other
And then I wake up.

I Dream of Him by Carol Greene

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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