by Barbara Evelyn

In every family big or small
There are some who are short, and some who are tall.
There are the givers and the takers
Liars and cheats, rich ones and not so rich
Who may pass each other on the street.
There are the whiners and the boasters,
There are the hypochondriacs, 
Who forever think they are dying of a heart attack.
There are the drunks and the abstainers turning up their nose.
There are the heathens and the do-good worshipers.
Some members are dull, while others are quite bright
Some who have been married often, and some not at all.
There are those who are quick to cry
But are the most devious of all.
There are some who are a soft touch
Who will give you the shirt off their back.
Then maybe there is the greedy one,
Having most, wanting more.
Always having an opinion
But is really quite a bore.
It takes all kinds to make up a family
We can choose our friends
But our families are unique.

Families by Barbara Evelyn

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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