by Britislander

Because we like our space
We will cut down the trees and forest to make more room.
Because we like air conditioned comfort and big fast cars
We sacrifice our environment and children’s future for those luxuries today
Because we value the quality of our children’s education
We cut school programs and pay athletes better than teachers
Because we believe in live and let live
We oppose groups and government who have views that differ from ours.
Because we believe in equal justice for all and execute the guilty 
We condemn other governments for their systems of punishments
Because we value everyone’s right to vote
We support countries that do not allow women participation in election and government.
Because we produce enough food to feed the world each day
We allow millions of our people to go hungry on the streets each day.
Because 70% of our world is water and some countries have none to grow food
We could waste it on our lawns and washing our cars.
Because we believe in democracy and different people having different views
We impose sanctions, and embargo against those whose views we do not agree with.
Because our mere present in some parts of the world prevents conflict
We go to war against someone, without provocation, who we label as trouble makers.
Just Because.

Because by Britislander

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