Niggah They Call You

by Ghetto Girl Blue

Niggah they call you and
Niggah you call yourself
And wonder why nobody treats you like a man
If you could understand and see what I see
Niggah you wouldnít act like and
Niggah you would not be
But youíre too high to see
Iím looking for a king to get high righteously
Between my loving arms
With a strong Black family
No king could cheat, steal and lie
Disrespect his woman, himself and his tribe
To elevate himself to a crack Hades high
The Devil has known your body
Bought and paid for your soul
Still donít know your name
Yet heís calling you ... Niggah....Niggah.....Niggah
Meet me in this Hades high
Forget your family and your tribe
Forget your missing crown
Get up get down get funky hiiiiigh...Niggah!
No black man would ever answer
For no black man could ever hear
The Devilís calling you, calling you Niggah
    Calling you Niggah
Wantís your soul... Singing... I got five on it
    Donít you want it? Niggah!
You are his ho and heís fucking you good...
Like a real pimp should
Sucking, consuming your African seeds and your health
Got you creeping with stealth
Quick to relieve a brother of wealth
Ho chose his pimp, still he donít know your name
Take another hit Niggah... introduce yourself!!!

Niggah They Call You by Ghetto Girl Blue

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved by Jessica Holter. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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