Like a Poem

by Ghetto Girl Blue

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It's Like Love, Man

Like men without tribes, without sets,
without posses, not possessing a home
but it posesses you, posting in pahtnahs pads,
paying toll to blackened souls
black angles costly pitting your every groan,
dap unearned and crab syndrome

It's like Love,

Impossible to own

It's like Love, Man

Hard as the path upon which you creep,
slanging capital semen, don't see men
but cream them, like pussies of the night,
the heaps of compost upon which they eat,
like midnight dogs who fuck in the street

It's like Love

The come we can't defeat

T's like Love, Man

The secret you are bound to not tell,
a slick ass sistah with chip in the cell,
the pager number and no home phone,
car she drives without pink slip,
the scent of her woman her on her man's dick

It's like Love

Nobodies Trick

It's like Love, Man

It's like mashing pain to the back of your mind,
his passion infraction rearing it's ugly head,
dick and balls unveiled virgin eyes to devil lies,
her wince at the blood on her thighs

It's like love

Impossible to Exorcise

It's like speaking of head of living and giving it bad,
not badly but bad, and sadly scraping and scratching
with teeth awaiting the leaking of the good thing 
the teeth made tongue impossible to retrieve

It's like love,

Impossible to deceive

It's like love, Man

Words not taken yet given fresh dug up from the soil,
mind and carpal tunnel toil, disloyalty to his-story, and hers,
unfoiled interjections, confessions, obsessions,
words unleashing verbs, thoughts so profound, often
shunned, never unfounded but often  un-found yet  ever groin'

It's like love

It's like this poem

Like a Poem by Ghetto Girl Blue

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved by Jessica Holter. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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