The Gifted Ten

by Ghetto Girl Blue

The Gifted Ten
....for the blackened burdens

There’s nothing you can’t say to them
Little they wouldn’t do to please you
No place or need for you to run and hide
No one could ever push you aside
Nothing on this earth and nothing above
Could ever keep you from their love
Even as they flourish in prosperity
Wallow in iniquities, are banished to poverty
Locked up and lock out of life as we know it
They love the blackened burdens
We the People get heavy sometimes
It hurts like hell to lift us
There is salvation in the soldier friends
The sister’s and brothers I call the gifted ten
They be the dark and lovely kings and queens
Still struggling to understand
Who is the dreamer? And where he been?
By any means necessary, who shot him?
The gifted 10 percent that keep us lifted
So hater’s beware, don’t you never dare
To call no coppa’s ‘cause the momma’s and poppa’s of
This love revolution are screwing with your security
If true love is scaring you, cause it’s daring you to be real too
Then they can lock us all up and throw away the keys
But they won’t find us on our knees
Begging Uncle Sam Please........
Cause no prison bars are strong enough
No hustler is hard enough
No dope man’s cash is long enough
No conspiracy is real enough
No censorship could chill enough
No third eye is wide enough
No politics could lie enough
No grave they dig is deep enough to keep
My message from my peeps
No bullets could pop loud enough
No klansman could be proud enough to stop the
Soldiers who told you
To “keep your head up” and  to “free your mind”
and that we got to fight the powers that be
Keeping us victims of ourselves
Don’t fear them, just hear them
and  holler “I’m black and I’m proud”
 So what’s up now?
With revolution raising fists without confusion
The new world order ain’t no illusion
 So what you gonna do son?
If your mouth is closed and your fists are down
Guess you’re just part of this institution
Though I can feel your blues,  still I choose
To join the gifted soldier ranks
And give thanks to the powers that be making us
Stronger ... No longer welfare recipients, liars, thieves,
Whores and drug dealer killers
Not thrill seekers of the night but truth
Seekers in the light, soldiers in the fight
The rebirth, baptized in ghetto fire
Now Dark and Lovely kings and queens
    Still struggling to understand
    Who is the dreamer? And where he been?
    By any means unnecessary, who shot him?
    Gifted 100 percent keeping ourselves lifted
    Keeping ourselves lifted

The Gifted Ten by Ghetto Girl Blue

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved by Jessica Holter. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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