Black Words Soft Spoken

by Ghetto Girl Blue

When did black become a four letter word?

To me it looks like five

Who took the pride out of the

Jimmy JJ Walker jive

That kept our hearts light

In spite gun fights

Welfare oversights

Dog food dinners?

And who called Cosby a winner?

Except the few who could relate

No matter,

The pockets that get fatter

Ainít hanging off of baggy hip-hop rags

Or stretched across

Uncle Clarence Thomasí Ass

Just one big happy family of

Dancing nigger clones

Paper pushing drones

Pig skin thrown

Across a football field

Fist that wield

Fury into other black faces

While other races sit in

Ring side seats and

Watch another

Brother go down

Spear chuck another basketball

>From tribes men so tall

Yet stand so small in their eyes

Itís not a fight but a struggle

Fumble, scramble, tackle

So they can get another cluck cluck

Fancy dancing chicken coop fantasy

Make big Black Bucks

Make them a dollar

Yet Giggaboo Giggaboo quick to holla " I

Got it going on"

Pennies in his pocket

Make him feel fine

Capitalistic vibe

Making him a star

But he wonít get too far

Unless he sticks with his tribe

Canít we all just get along?

 Black words

And soul verbs

Must be spoken softly

For they are listening

When you cry aloud

Black words soft spoken

Glass ceilingís got minds reeling

Got the suit some cash

Even boast some white ass

Corporate buck just stuck

On the lower rung of the ladder

Shuffles and yassirs piled high

On the platter he hoists

Above his head yet he kneels to serve

But got the nerve

To hate on young cats

That wonít fake the funk

Willing to kill for the buck

Neither realizing they are

really the victims

Of systematic homicide

Genocide, suicide, confide the oneness

Of this so you can see

But donít speak of it too loudly

And if you tell them that I told you

I may meet my maker in a

Freak accident

Speakers speak, MLK say

A man not willing to die for something

Ainít fit to live

Matterís it, Man who lost your virtue

In the biblical tales of your

Abernathy brother...

What your willing to die for?

Black words

And soul verbs

Must be spoken softly

For they are listening

When you cry aloud

Black words soft spoken

This ainít fiction but fact

Ask Michael Jackson

Thought he was planning

To raise the roof off the mother

Store his Chocolate Milk

With the nondairy koshers

Donít give a fuck about the

Homosexual boy trying to come up

But Mike took their Kingís daughter

And fucked her

Got him quaking in the European dark

Waiting for his career to wake

And we didnít get his back

Because it... Had no tribal marks

Airing dirty laundry

Will find them pondering

When to make their next move

Who to kill too soon

Rest in peace Tupak

Got clocked before

His destiny was ever fulfilled

Killed to join the ranks of black men

of different tribes

Whose causes werenít always

Embraced by all

No reason to eradicate their accomplishments

Just because their subliminal hints

Of revolution in all its shades of flavors

Donít agree with yours

You donít have to agree but try to see

That they are watching where

To make their next move

What to do with the press

What color to paint the news

How to infiltrate our blues

And fill another tomb

With black

Black Black

Believe Love And Collect Killed


Anything black

Beautiful Black

Dignified Black

Hated Black

Disrespected Black

Embarrassing Black

Disenchanted Black

Anything Everything Black

Lest we all fall

For Black is the presence of all

But Sssshhh

Donít tell them that I told you

for they are listening
when you air
your dirty laundry and cry too loud

Black Words Soft Spoken by Ghetto Girl Blue

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved by Jessica Holter. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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