Cappuccino Kisses

by George E. Hunt, Jr.

(for my Sweet Potato Pie) 

You wanted cappuccino. 
Always cappuccino  dark brown with it's hot, 
steamy aroma 
and vanilla rich, white cream. 

When you felt frisky you would even add caramel, 
and when you were bold... Amaretto. 

You wanted it most in winter, 
especially on snowy days 
when you returned home 
from the icy roads. 

You would tell me of cars you passed in ditches; 
with men in their trucks towing them. 
You saw wrecks but skillfully navigated 
the slippery slopes, making your way home... me. 

Oh how I admired the way you gave 
GOD the praise for safely bringing you home, 
all the while holding your warm drink in your hands 
...and HIM forever in your heart. 

And I thanked HIM for your safe return home, 
thanked HIM for this moment with you(again), 
watching you all warm anew with your cappuccino. 

Suddenly, as if it were a code red, 
you would insist I have a sip, 
cooling it as you offered what you needed 
at this moment. 

Though it would be a little too hot, 
I'd pretend it was just right 
to impress you, 
but most of all... to please you. 

After that first sip my senses  confused  
cannot determine which is sweeter- 
your words, or your cappuccino. 
Or which is more intoxicating- 
your Amaretto... or your lips. 

The elegance of your warm throat, 
Invites my kisses to assist your drink. 

While your cappuccino and amaretto warm 
the inside of your throat- 
my lips shall invade it's gentle slope 
from the outside  to warm your heart. 

My ears record our early morning moans- 
manufactured by your Cappuccino Kisses. 

I shall stay at your silky throat 
as the hot mixture roll down from within. 
Darling, allow me to stay outside 
Just a little while longer- 
....Is forever possible? 

Once more my Doll Baby, drink slow, 
drink ever sooo slow, 
that you may know that while your warm drink 
has traveled south, 
my lips turn, double back, 
head north 
to barricade your lips- 
and invade 
your amaretto flavored mouth! 

Now our tongues fence, as Musketeers do... 
reminding us all the while that nothing 
can stop or keep us apart. 

To contribute to this potent eye opener, 
my double shot of you takes effect! 
Oh how you loved your Cappuccino Kisses, 
and O darling, I LOVE YOU. 

Cappuccino Kisses by George E. Hunt, Jr.

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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