Ghetto Song

by Geoffrey L. Bradley

They harrass me just for living.
They dislike me just the same.
They label me as unintelligent.
Won't even ask for my name.

They insult me on eye contact
to diminish my inner pride.
They sentence me to life in prison
the plan being genocide.

They created an inferiority complex.
They totally distorted the truth.
They told me that Jesus had blonde hair.
They said that his eyes were blue.

They said Columbus discovered America.
That is supposedly fact.
With native people already residing
Tell me how is that?

They try to show that I'm worthless
the tern being inner city youth.
They claim to preach the word of GOD
but it does not apply to me and you.

They make me work continously.
I earn a dime or two.
Given odd jobs at minimum wage
retirement years are few.

I do everything from burgerstands
to  burglary and distributing drugs.
They view me as a problem in society
and call me the common thug.

I then go on to disrepect
and humiliate my mate.
Children are no longer safe around me.
I'm convicted of incest and rape.

My life moves on at a snail's pace.
my health is now at risk.
Headaches from high blood pressure
removals of tumors and cysts.

My body is no longer useful
they bury me from too much stress.
They planned for our total destruction from the start
from one generation to the next.

Ghetto Song by Geoffrey L. Bradley

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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