The Worse End

by Geanice Gee

An acquaintance of mine who is highly educated is confine to an area that is considered the bottom of the barrel. Some of the citizens who live in her proximity struggle to make ends meet, and are forced to live in low income apartments while she resides in a home that cost two times the neighborhood’s worth. She's not the homeowner, but more like a squatter who doesn't own the title, but has overstayed her welcome. The landlords who are related by blood want her out, but she refuses to leave a place where the rent is dirtball cheap; this is all she can afford. She simply can't afford to leave.

With no job and limited funds from extended unemployment checks; she searches for work, but because of her many degrees she's denied and deemed as overqualified. Her education has become a hindrance in the D.M.V. area, and disrespected in a place where not a lot of people hold a G.E.D. Having a good education is the least of the citizen's worries; surviving drive-bys, STD's and not ending up in a hearse before the age of 21 is an obstacle that many are faced with in this town. Attending college is a laughing matter as young boy's and girl's dreams of a better life is shattered.

Shattered broken glass, cigarette butts and yellow police tape isn't unfamiliar to this area. Loud hip-hop and R& B music can be heard any time of the day, and if you lived there you would know that this is the hood way. Book smarts is unnecessary in this part of town; street smarts are what makes this world go round. Thug life and the initiation into a gang is how a lot of the youth learn how to survive and maintain. Surviving and maintaining is what she intends to do. She's at the worst end, but her faith will create a breakthrough. Her education creates a separation; her mind has been renewed. She sees the problems in her community, and can't afford to lose.

The Worse End by Geanice Gee

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