Western Justice

by Geanice Gee

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Some police officers are overzealous; 
And no one in America can deny this. 

Pool party with African American teens fight erupted.
Police were called and then told about the disturbance.  
Witnesses claim that it was a private party; Teens werenít invited. 

Teens were asked to leave, cops came, but some said that the teens didnít want to obey.
12 officers had a hard time with the teens, but one may have gone above his paygrade. 
Took it upon himself to draw his weapon; didnít use a Taser or eye burning pepper spray.  

Instead he pulled out his gun, but now I'm sure he wished he never did. 
Those kids were afraid and many would say the gun initiated the fear.
Some believe he treated the kids unjustly, but others verbally disagree.

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He forced a girl in a bathing suit onto her knees, pinned her down while she cried.
I wonder what would have happened if she would have been injured and then died. 
I wonder if the McKinney officer would have been suspended, imprisoned or fried.  

No gallows, gunfights or mandatory electrocutions anymore; only lethal injections.
Back talk the law and you may die; a life for a life is fair due to votes from elections.
To some this is the American way; shoot first, reload, shoot again and then ask questions.  

Weíve all heard the tales about RED STATES. 
Lethal injections keep down the criminal rate. 
But, this event being about race is up for debate. 

Many would hate to believe that we're living in a time full of so much hate. 
People discriminate on those who are different because they canít relate.
Some can't relate to anotherís lifestyle or struggles, so they judge & berate.  

Are African Americans being treated unjust due to the color of their skin? 
If these kids were Caucasian, many wonder how this all would have end. 
Has too much happened for African Americans to be able to blend? 

Some are disgusted by the officerís unorthodox actions.
While others feel his conduct was the proper reaction. 
But, did the officer do his job to your satisfaction? 

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Next week, hear about a Texas teacher that was fired after 
Writing a Facebook post saying blacks should be segregated. 
Extra! Extra! Read all about it. 

Western Justice by Geanice Gee

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