Pure Perfection

by Geanice Gee

Most of us seek pure perfection
Will literally kill after a shaky rejection
Stone a tourist for going the wrong direction 
Sue the bank for interfering with a transaction 
Fight the caterer at our own wedding reception 
Return a foreign film because we don't want to read any captions 

Most of us seek pure perfection 
So if a man is too quick with an erection 
This calls for another love making session 
And gives him time to make a few corrections
Before you break all ties and lose connections (Hello?)
Sorry, but pure perfection has no exceptions 

Most of us seek pure perfection
Some women will leave a man because he has a fatal attraction 
Call an investigator if he misses a meal or shows less affection
Cover up whips and bruises because he can't stand your reflection 
Secretly take the pill as a form of contraception for your protection 
Lie about body enhancements such as breast implants or butt injections 

Most of us seek pure perfection 
We are too concerned about others’ perception 
And it's about time someone made an interjection 
There is no perfect human so pure perfection is a misconception 
Forget about societal teachings and follow your own direction
No one is perfect so none of us will ever reach pure perfection

Pure Perfection by Geanice Gee

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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