by Geanice Gee

Guilt can be a dangerous and deadly emotion. 
It can lead to regrets and have you lose focus. 

Have you up late at night sobbing, bobbing and nodding.   
You'll think about the time you got arrested for loitering. 

Out of your control, but still you harbor guilt and mourn. 
Thoughts of your wrongdoings have you scorn and torn. 

Guilt can lead to self-destructive behaviors. 
Next thing you're asking strangers for favors. 

It can turn you into a lush that just can't get enough. 
Guilt can have you smoking and sniffing that stuff. 

Have you looking like a zombie when your past and present collide. 
You won't be able to think about anything when guilt's on your side. 

Wishing, hoping and dreaming that you could turn back the hands of time.  
Redo what has been done, so that you can get some kind of peace of mind. 

You have to let it die, let it go, or it may take your life. 
Live with what you've done and move on without strife.

Guilt resides in he or she who has committed a sin. 
Forgive yourself, but remember where you've been. 

Some guilt is good as it shows that you're human. 
A lack of empathy can also lead to your undoing. 

One must deal with guilt in order to rise above it. 
Self-forgiveness is the key; meditate and be at ease. 

Guilt by Geanice Gee

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