Illegal Immigration...One Brotha's Opinion

by Free Thinker

I have written this to express my deepest disdain for the activities that our Black politicians have allowed to plague our communities. Within the past decade they have asked us to beware of the government's alleged drug trafficking in South-Central L.A. They have asked us to beware of racial inequities in the workplace. They have made us aware of racial profiling by our police departments, but they never warned us of another threat quietly infiltrating our communities, the illegal alien.

Being a 30 year resident of the Mid-City Los Angeles area, I have seen a myriad of events that have dogged the community. In the 80's we witnessed the emergence of gang violence. In the 90's we saw the influx of rock cocaine into the community. While all these incidences were occurring and detrimental to society as a whole, quietly entering the Mid City area and increasing his numbers was the illegal alien.

The diaspora of illegal aliens into communities of Los Angeles gave way to infinite problems. We, as an American culture, would be left to scratch our heads and wonder, "Are we still living in America?" See, the politicians we have entrusted to protect the sovereignty of our nation have allowed an unwelcomed visitor to steal the deed to our country. As "Don King" would say, "Only in America!"

In our historically Black communities, Black politicians have allowed the illegal alien to establish residence and impose such old world customs as the domestication of undomesticated animals and inhabit dwellings with more occupants than city ordinances allow. But the most atrocious injustice they have perpetrated on our communities is the allowance of our public school system to fail. You hear politicians talk about our educators failing our students. But my question to these politicians is "How can we expect one teacher to teach 50 students per class during a one hour session?" Our educators aren't failing us; it's the politicians failing our educators and students. Let's face it, there are too many children of illegal alien stock attending our public schools unequipped to function in them.

As a lifelong Angelino and product of the LA public school system, I have watched our schools slide from number 1 in the nation to number 49, tied with Mississippi. On any given school day our public schools seat more students than fans at the Staples Center for a Laker game. Our schools are now busting at the seams. And you say the answer is building more schools. Let's face it, lack of schools isn't the problem, that illegal alien's child in our school system is the problem. And all you have to say is, "We must educate everyone." Why must my child get a second rate education? Why must my child be subjected to attending classes where a portion of the school day is spent translating the English curriculum into Spanish? Why must we spend money on bilingual education? Why don't our kids have schoolbooks?

The aforementioned points are just a few examples of how The Black politicians continue to fail our communities. Nate, Diane, Mark Ridley and Maxine, before you ask for another vote from your constituents, first look at your communities, then look in the mirror and ask yourself "Why am I failing my constituents?" Personally, I can no longer sit back and allow for business as usual politics. If you believe like I do, it is time for us to galvanize and become politically savvy. It has become obvious to me that voting loyally along racial and political lines no longer works. PEOPLE, WAKE UP! In 2002, I intend to help bring about a change in my community.

If you would like to help with this change, please continue listening to Terry's show and heed the morsels of information he feeds us every Sunday night.

Illegal Immigration...One Brotha's Opinion by Free Thinker

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