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Monique Nicole Fox is an Accountant (by profession), Poet (by heart), sweet (by nature), ethnic (by design), American (by national origin), a Marylander (by residency), female (by gender), 32 (by years alive), Christian (by faith) and loved (by God).

She is a Christian Poet that has been published in Christian Publications:

~~All Creatures, 10/2001,
~~Bible Poetry of Love, 1/28/2002,
~~Christian Poets Corner, 4/2002,
~~Christian Week, 12/18/2001, Volume 15, Number 17
~~Cross Home, 1/29/2002,
~~Cross Home, 3/2002,
~~JC Faith, 1/2002,
~~Life Changing Love Ministries, 3/2002,
~~Obadiah Press (A Christian Publishing House), 11/2000, ~~Praise Nation, 10/28/2001,
~~Spirit Restoration Ministry, 1/17/2002,
~~St. Agnes Church, 12/01/2001,
~~The Light,
~~Tickles 'n Truth, Fun 'n Faith,
~~Universal Light Institute, 4/02,
~~Wellspring (A Christian Journal), 1/11/02,

You can contact Ms. Fox via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Monique Nicole Fox


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