We Vibe

by Kenneth E. Foster, Jr.

1et's be on a  move-
groove blues tune. 
me be 
tha 1 
w/ light feet, 
might speech, 
a tight reach 
to yr mind. 
mine heart flows 
like Hughes 
who taught me hew to use 
and depth 
in lyrics 
collecting spirits 
of blkness 
in preciseness 
of verses. 
we soul people 
(coined the term, dig), 
nourished ye' wig 
w/ flavorable dialect 
that ignited ya' credo, 
raised yo' libido 
through sensual song, 
voices that make a long 
from yr stomach. 
my feet runneth, 
my cups run ever w/ 
smiles of 
blk child. 
dark and lovely bring growls, 
brown and smooth brings ooohs. 
we be 
on the block, 
at the park, 
in the store, 
buying yams, 
canning jam, 
jamming Sam, 
cook'n beans, 
being the trend, 
setting what's in, 
outting what's not.
in China 
and Germany
started in 
Gwendolyn said, 
"we real cool." 
thick hips, 
plush lips, 
deep eyes, 
strong thighs, 
great minds. 
"we real cool." 
today is a Good Day 
for a folk. 
we already hot 
w/ sizzling tongues 
and ancient, 
soaking in suds 
of African oils 
taking us to the Nile. 
the power is in the mind! 
we create 
from a deep sense of love, 
power from above 
coz when prayers go up 
blessings come down. 
360 we round, 
2 parts of our cipher-
either out or in. 
u choose 
to absorb my cosmic flow, 
my universe. 
united verse 
iz i 
in my soul 
w/ every blk poet 
creating sparks. 
we fire! 
we rise! 
never expire! 
these lessons 
be blessings 
so recognize 
aint no grace 
like blk peoples grace 
you aint been graced 
until blk folk 
done spoke 

We Vibe by Kenneth E. Foster, Jr.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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