Rat Race

by Adrienne Folmar

This rat race, itís one bad place
Where I canít breathe and I canít see
Struggling on my knees for this piece of cheese.
The world?  Oh, itís watching, see?
And coming after me on this treadmill
They got me spinning my wheels
Never getting ahead.  Hey, why get out of bed?
Tryiní to make a dime to buy me more time
In this rat race.  Itís a sad place.

All that glitters ainít gold, just pennies gettingí old.
Tryiní to make my way, still they want to make me pay
Canít wait to see the day when I can finally say:
Iím done with you.  Donít feel no gratitude.
You offered nothing good like they thought you would.
Just a rat race.  Donít throw bait in my face.

Wonít make me lose my mind, step Ďcross your finish line
And be like one of you; thatís what I used to do.
But, I sought a change of pace.  Got out the rat race.
Iím on a clean street, no fear in who I meet.
We all think the same, donít play the Ďignoranceí game.
So maybe we can attain that promised life without pain.

See, thatís something you donít know Ďcause you like to move real slow
Refuse to change your gait; for pleasure you canít wait
Stay up all night and all day?  Okay, have fun living life out your way.
But, take care to count your days that once youíve reached the end of that maze,
Itís not just flesh you have pleased; sad to discover there is no cheese
But just the trap theyíd set for you and now your days become few
Because once done, you canít eraseÖ Your steps you cannot retrace
So ends the rat race.

Rat Race by Adrienne Folmar

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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