Still Born

by Flight

I am queen to the pyramids
mother to the Bahlakoane tribe.
bred and shaped through nature's wholesome
i am Lesotho's clay
and i am moulded in Africa's curves and shapelines
i am beauty tangified 
my crown feeds through crops and cornrows dreadlocks
afros abundant braids and beaded feasts of colour.
My tones reflected by the golden sands of Sahara 
absorbed by the richly dark of ebony bark 
i am painted in all Africa's colours
hear me sing my river songs 
humming to the beat of my grind stone 
high pitched songs of ursalation,
basslines of bongo drums blended in brazzalian Rumba,
reggae-jazz percussions sourced 
from my sweat drenched labour songs
watch me dance to maternal rythms 
as i become woman 
as she becomes Africa
and we become her one blessed diversified

Still born

blood sweats,torn vagina and
gaping maternal wounds give birth
to what is dull, numb and lifeless

his mother clings desperately to his tiny withered body
her sharp cries like bloodstained spearpoints of pain
rip open the thickness of the night
crying foul to the gods 
and yearning for life stolen

To my long distant lover

If heat stroked dry rivers fill again 
and gush as rushing river streams
and clover seeds clothe green cracked sunbaked hills 
and tall wild grass celebrates and dances to wind songs

and if pitch black nights are calmed by the soft glow 
of moonlight and the sun though bleeding blood-red 
as it sets rises a radiant gold at dawn

if city birds find song 
and green plants grow though dead concrete jungles 
and the acidic tears of death cries 
are soothed by the cleansing joys of a newborn'

then this love's birth pains will not be in vain.

Still Born by Flight

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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