Holla If You Hear Me!!

by Michael Finley

how much longer must I wait
until change is gonna come
how much longer must I shuffle
and wear nice ties
before you hear my voice
you like my suit -- thanks
but did you hear what I said
when can I put down this fake smile
and curse at your absurdity
probably not
with election day being near
and the political process
working itself out
maybe next week
could we then address the
overrepresentation of minorities
in the justice system
what was that?
oh, maybe a few months more
while you network and
get all your ducks in order
boy, something just doesnít sit well with me
patience, you say -- we must proceed with caution
hmm, I donít mean to be a bother but my legs
are tired of standing in line for equality
my impoverished uneducated hopeless brothaís and sistaís
are struggling along
and you want to write an op-ed
I guess I donít see the connection
but we have to effect policy makers, you contend
right -- ahh, I guess iím just inexperienced
in these sort of things
Now, I ainít no history buff
but the picture seems pretty clear
if in a general sort of way
I mean there was the rape of Africa
and my forced servitude
for quite some time
and then you threw me crumbs and admittedly I ate
Ďcuz a brotha was famished
but voting rights ainít a whole lot
if I ainít represented
you hear whatiímsayin
and now I go to jail and you judge me
iím confused
but then so are you from what youíre sayiní
cuz ainít no initiatives, roundtables, meetings and votes
gonna alter the hate that hate built
you hear me?

Holla If You Hear Me!! by Michael Finley

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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