Passion Fruit

by Femme Fatale

Want some of my passion fruit
My seductive sweet flowing juices
you can have anything you want
from the top to the bottom roots
I am the one you know that can seduce, let loose,
and choose to be with you
the way most men and women can't be without
you know that too
feels good at night and better in the morning
As you turn over and reach for my tender yearnings
I peek and feel your private parts and close my eyes
you again touch me right there, so near my heart
To the beat of wild drums we rumble, like
We are in the mist of an African jungle
Awaken my body, your body moves with ease
Attention, attention I aim to please
“Please don't stop”, you whisper
I  won't, I can't , I'm in the mood
for your smooth dark chocolate skin
laying softly on my body
sweet tasting your male surrender
I need you inside of me from every angle
Hold me closer until I am sore and tender
If  heaven & earth move they we do 
I want to stay and lay like this on top all over you
The sounds of the wind against the smoke-filled room
leaves me to believe my Passion fruit is yours. Forever

Passion Fruit by Femme Fatale

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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