by Sherrell Faythe

Giving dap to my homies from way back that didn’t make it out the hood, 
‘cause the world is a ghetto, 
but so say they made it off the plantation, 
to have their children spew lies like one nation
The enemy resides in our TV’s 
and glorifies all of this one nations capital penalties, 
the path to destruction paved with broken pipes, a conspiracy 
Sex and violence sale and so does something called crack cocaine 
but that’s a 25 with an L for hippin’ a youngsta to the game 
We ain’t free, with one channel to reflect the range of our personalities …
get real, we are so fake… so lost so always paying the cost
My little girl can’t see many of her kind, unless they on that one channel, 
shaking they behinds, and shit they just trying to make it too…. 
but damn, I know most bodies have brains so why are we so ashamed to shine….
still standing at the back of the line, talking low, 
“We shall; we have overcome”, what?

Then we have those who call themselves gees, 
scared to get tested so instead they spread the disease
Premeditated murder don’t’ apply to war crimes, 
calculation precise bomb where women and children reside

Kids got on designer rags but they ain’t got no healthcare 
Confused thinking what they look like gone take em everywhere
House to house adapting to what they see 
but soon the alterations stop and they become who they were cultivated to be
No role model so they model the most vividly characterized role
The war is never over and .to our captors we continue delivering souls 

Overcome by Sherrell Faythe

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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