How Did I Get Here?

by Sherrell Faythe

How did I get here? 
So unaware of the stranger inside of me 
Now defining me 
Ashamed at days when weak emotions such as jealousy occupy my thoughts 
Those thoughts that are truly not my own 
Can't be 
This is surely not me 
How did I get here? 
A place of emptiness and bitterness
Engulfed in insecurities 
Entrenched in a negative thought process that continues 
and will destroy the remnants of who I once was 
Who God wants me to be 
All because I'm broken 
Crying out to our Father to cover me in this strange place 
To carry me

Naked in the Mirror: Woman Divorcing (Series) Preludes

How Did I Get Here? by Sherrell Faythe

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