Faye Hickman Wren

Hardworking mother, dutiful daughter, friend, a woman who wants to pass on something of her experiences, even from among those only recently learned herself, Faye Hickman Wren never once gave a thought to writing. A wedding and her gown. Three children, minimum. A houseful of puppies--these were the things that held her firmly in place. Then, her world changed--a couple of misguided offspring sprang, her fire and feelings in tow, toward their own untidy nests, so share baraved change. She finished university after twenty or more years, became a professor of English in China, found in the frequency of whisphers and tears a voice unpracticed, and she began to write. Not pages, maybe. But she does write a line or two on occasion, moved by the urge, a nudge or whatever. She is also, likely, the world's biggest fan of Whoopi Goldberg, and you know where that puts her on George W.'s list.

You can contact Ms. Wren via e-mail at fwren@mindspring.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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