Ebony Princess

(Dedicated to my daughters)

by Fatima Robinson

Wake Up, My beau-ti-full, illuminating, ebony princess 
predestined to be Queen.
Wrestling with the fears of your peers that scorn you, 
wondering why they treat you mean?
Well, didn't you know?  They're threatened 
'Cause you're steppin' on the scene.

Baring the essence of such radiant beauty
Most can only envy and admire.
Your sculptured shape and slanted eyes,
the resemblance of the ancient Egyptian goddesses,
can only be desired.

Strutting down the street with the elegance of Aphrodite.
As you glide,
No one can possibly mock your stride,
For it is one unique and full of pride.

So hold your head up, my ebony princess.
You are definitely a rare commodity,
Not only because of your inner qualities,
But also your brilliant personality, 
Flowing deep down in your soul.
It's no wonder you possess a heart
that's valued; pure as gold.

Craftily, you carry that substance,
that dignity, and that virtue of your mothers' of the past.
Your foes cannot muster or even comprehend
your failure to conform to their dilemma,
simply because you won't act so fast.

You're wondering how long its going to last,
this ridiculous jealousy and strife…
Honey, you will succumb this for the rest
of your natural-born life.

Oh yeah, so ARISE my ebony princess,
Walk worthy of the vocation for which you are called,
taking your seat upon the throne.
Distinguishably reigning, in the royal honor,
in which YOU rightfully own.

Ebony Princess (Dedicated to my daughter) by Fatima Robinson

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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