Power Trippin'

by Fatima Robinson

It's time to hang that 
Better than thou,
Think you all that,
attitude outside the door.

'Cause frankly it's tired, 
a hypocritical, falsification of an unhappy creature
an undesirable feature
no one wants to see anymore.

Since you never found out who you really are,
must you be so unbefittin'?
Walking around with your butt on your shoulders,
egotistically and quite consistently, power trippin'.

So, you the new age house nigga this world has wrought.
Harassing, conniving, and conspiring in your vindictive thoughts.
What audacity you must have to put down, cast out,
ridicule, even your own kind.
In order to perpetrate and/or gain status quo
to appease your peace of mind.

Well, holdup!  
It's time to do away with this distorted mentality.
And come into the true meaning of some down to earth reality.
Folks ain't takin' that mess.
They're tired and fed up or didn't you guess?
Sick of the deception and discontent.
No wonder we struggle with these hostile work environments.

Please, get off of your high pedestal and come down,
Start spreading some love, tranquility, and fairness around.
Drink from the water, instead of whatever you're sippin'
Refrain from your ego, and quit power trippin'.

Power Trippin' by Fatima Robinson

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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