Dislike vs. LOVE

by Fatima Robinson

I cannot decipher how this situation is really going to be.
'Cause I'm finding it, at this time,
very difficult to predict its destiny.

I dislike it, then I love it;
I love it, then I dislike it;
My emotions are nothing but a roller coaster ride.
Turning, tossed, stomach full of burning mush, and rotating deep inside.

Strange, but when you're warring against dislike and love,
It's kind of like God's chastening, sent from up above.
Its intensified levels sometimes seems like it's going to erupt,
Many times you find yourself wanting to just give up.

In relationships, this is what most folks do.
The effort and balance must come from the TWO.
The Bible says, "The race is not given to the swift nor the strong,
but to he that endureth to the end"
So solely, you must lean and depend on the strength that is within. 

Therefore, I find myself KEPT--holding on,
To the LOVE


Such as when the human body cannot or will not;
it just no longer breathes…
Thus, the heart must eventually stop beating.

Desperately wishing, in contrast,
that when the DISLIKE has reached its level of completion…
that my LOVE won't stop.

Dislike vs. LOVE by Fatima Robinson

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