Bonded By Chains

by Fatima Robinson

Thick, heavy, iron, surrounding our necks and ankles.
Weighin' and pressin' down.
Puttin' an extreme strain, an intensified hefty load upon our backs.

A consistent reminder of our past,
our history,
of what was.
Leavin' a blurred vision of what we must hold fast to...
our future.

Our daily struggle is very strenuous.
Livin' in a society baring the traits of 
and systematically,
thriving at the attempts to weld these iron shackles around 
us in restraint.

Applyin' pressure.
drivin' many to commit their own ready-made suicides 
by their indulgence in the pool of alcohol,drugs, 
and fast livin'.

When can we see that it is only a mirage?
A mirage, deterring us from the realities of life.
Bustin' free from these chains that bind us.
Through the unleashing of our minds,
and the renewing of our Spirit.

Yet forever,
holding fast the remembrance of our past,
accompanied by the strength of the martyrs 
and survivors of yesterday.

Bringing us to this place of opportunity.
Opportunity staring us straight in the face,
however we can't seem to see it.

When can we learn to renounce these chains that bind us?
By walking together.
And if need be, dying together.
For what purpose?
For where is the unity exemplified from our great ancestry?

When can we truly yield to being afraid.
Afraid of our circumstances.
But stand to arise to the occasion.
In a triumphant victory,
as many brilliant activist and leaders have,
path the way to do so,
before us.

Can we ever be delivered from the pity parties,
the backbiting,
the slaying of our own people,
the put downs; in our own families,
the entrapment of our minds,
the get rich schemes,
and the uneducated black power stances.
Unbrokenly hiding behind the ignorance
of not applying what God has gifted us with,
in the first place...
In the beginning.

I say yes.
yes we can!

And I hold this evidence to be a truth.

Luke 12:48 "...for unto whomsoever much is given of him shall be much required..."

Bonded By Chains by Fatima Robinson

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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