Black Child In The 'Hood

by Fatima Robinson

Didn't you hear?
There's a new kid in the 'hood,
Intelligent, vivacious, and confident.
That's right! A Black Child.
A Nubian Prince.
I saw him just yesterday,
But today, I had the opportunity to speak to him.
Lo and behold, he spoke back.
Direct, looking me straight in the eyes.
Self-assured and unafraid.
Lacking any insecurities of who he was.
This Black Child represented the new millenium.

Sure, he's up with his peers.  He mentioned he was "tight like that". 
He dresses with the wider legged pants style, he likes to wear the FUBU, 
Calvin Klein, and jersey tops, he likes to keep his hair cut with the fade,
 sometimes with a slanted part on the side, and yes, he knows the slang. However,
 he knows that these clothes doesn't make him, or the talk.  He stated very precisely, 
"I am just me! My intelligence and knowledge from studying hard will make me successful, 
because I am, just who I am."

This lil' brotha is in fact, all of that!
He raps, draws, writes, plays a variety of ball.  He sings, dance and even acts.  
Not to mention, he's very computer literate.  He's dynamite! 
He believes in being ALL he can through his faith and mostly, believing in himself.

I'm sure you will cross paths with him one day.  It's really inevitable.  
His words will simply take your breath away.  He is truly a character, unique, and respectful.  
A vintage of our future.

After my encounter with this extraordinary 
Black Child, I began exploring up the street, and down the street.  I roamed around the corners.  
As I strolled, I was struck with amazement.  I was certainly impressed to discover, 
that despite the obstacles, and the enormous walls...

There were yet, more new kids 
moving into the 'hood.

Black Child In The 'Hood by Fatima Robinson

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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