The Verdict

by David Farrar

The verdict is in
White Cops are set free
A black man is dead
And the world would now see

How they claim there was danger
And they feared for their life
But there was never a weapon
No gun, or a knife

Just a wallet in hand
Some proof of I.D
In the ray of street lights
That made it easy to see

But forty-one shots
Rang through the night air
To find its Black victim
Without reason or care

And now he is dead
And the Nation is stun
Because the acquittal is in
And nothing was done

Yet in another part of town
Another classical case
Another crime that White Cops
Had inflict on our race

For a stick has been used
In sodomizing a man
Who chances were doomed
With his life in their hands

And without any good reason
He was thrown to the ground
Then stripped of his pride
While being held down

Just an innocent Black man
Who's now ruptured inside
He barely survives
And could have easily died

So much blood has been spilled
By the hands of White Cops
Yet their evil persist
And the pain never stops

Whether Driving While Black
Or just walking the streets
Our lives know the danger
And that fear is for keeps

But it's time that we change
The laws of today
By voting in numbers
And make them hear what we say

As Elections grow near
We must make our amends
And vote in our choice
And put these crimes to an end

And elect out of office
Those enforcers of law
Whose values on race
Are remorseless and flaw

So people of color
Let's make a powerful stance
We must register and vote
Or we'll pass up our chance

The Verdict by David Farrar

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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