Modern Day Slavery

by David Farrar

Modern day slavery 
Is back on the block 
Blacks and Hispanics 
Are the Slave Masterís stock 

Our crime rate is high 
And education is low 
Self-esteem has no chance 
And prisons will grow 

I see store corner drunks 
And abuses hard drugs 
I see sex being sold 
And young ghetto thugs 

Many drop out of school 
And lack a true skill 
We rather break laws 
From things that we steal 

We commit gruesome crimes 
From murder to rape 
We imprison ourselves 
Where thereís no escape 

With shackled hand cuffs 
And chains to our feet 
We sacrifice freedom 
And welcome defeat 

The world as we knew 
Is now just a cell 
Enclosed with steel bars 
A slave holding jail 

An overseerís rifle 
Point directly our way 
And patiently waits 
To drop us one day 

Weíre packed in tight quarters 
Yet always exposed 
To dangerous threats 
Of life threatening blows 

With prison free labor 
We slave day and night 
There are no weekly checks 
No profit in sight 

The sad part of this 
Itís all volunteer 
This slave life we choose 
Could all disappear 

We must realize 
This low life we choose 
Will not benefits 
The freedom we lose 

If street life dictates 
Just how we behave 
More jails will recruit 
This modern day slave 

Modern Day Slavery by David Farrar

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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