Recognition (Part 2)

by David Farrar

Will that day ever come 
Will the story unfold 
Will the world recognize 
And will our children be told 

About Blacks playing part 
In shaping our lands 
With inventions we gave 
From the strength of Black hands 

Like the Gas Mask device 
That Morgan had made 
Saving lives in the mines 
Or some Chemical raid 

And those Propellers we use 
In our vessels today 
Thanks to George Toliver 
With his massive display 

The Fountain Penís charm 
William Purvis helped form 
Isaac Johnson had a dream 
And the Bike Frame was born 

The Golf Games would turn 
When Grant made the Tee 
And Burr's Lawn Mower 
Kept grass from our knee 

Thanks to Burridge and Marshman 
The Typewriter gave print 
And Sarah Boone's Ironing Board 
Was a gem and a mint 

Travel trains became safe 
When train cars connect 
With the help of a Coupling 
Andrew Beard would perfect 

The Horseshoe and Saddle 
Helped the West find its way 
It was Davis and Rick 
Who put it all into play 

The Elevator device 
Made riding more safe 
Giving Cooper the rights 
To set it all into place 

Henrietta Bradberry 
Was a legend so large 
When she concocted the patent 
For the Torpedo Discharge 

There was the Genius of Dickinson 
With songs of pure treasure 
And his Player Piano 
Gave us musical pleasure 

And then Elijah McCoy 
Made a Lubricating Device 
And that Real McCoy phrase 
Was the best for its price 

There's been tons of Inventions 
And Patents from Blacks 
Yet recognition is something 
We still seem to lack 

Recognition (Part 2) by David Farrar

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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