Domestic Abuse

by David Farrar

Domestic like terror 
Can cut to the bone 
It's domestic abuse 
Where punches are thrown 

It's a history of violence 
Between women and men 
It's verbal and physical 
It's a bone-breaking trend 

There are so many males 
Who carry this trait 
This cowardly act 
Of sickness and hate 

They show no respect 
For their woman or spouse 
They abuse their own kids 
And disrupt their house 

They carry this rage 
Of shame through the years 
They've cause many deaths 
Of sorrow and tears 

Many women fall victim 
To this slaughter and pain 
The cuts and the bruises 
That seems so insane 

If Females would look 
The signs are so clear 
Just open your eyes 
You'll find they are there 

That Gangster that Thug 
That Hustler and Pimp 
That Player that Roughneck 
And Dysfunctional Wimp 

That Con man and Thief 
That Convicted Street Bum 
That Addict or Dealer 
The Ignorant and Dumb 

That Drinker who blames 
His liquor and booze 
Always saying he's sorry 
But it's you that will lose 

When choosing these men 
You fall for their trap 
Their abusive behavior 
And violent attack 

You endanger your life 
As well as your child 
When you fall for a man 
With this abusive life style 

You stay with destruction 
Thinking this man will change 
Yet the beatings go on 
And hope's out of range 

Just open your eyes 
And walk out the door 
And never look back 
Or allow anymore 

My advice to all women 
Who seek a good man 
Take time to examine 
His background, his plan 

Are his values intact 
Does his future seem bright 
Is he an educated man 
Is his dress code alright 

Will he treat you with kindness 
Protect you from wrong 
Is he good around children 
Are his work ethics strong 

Don't just go by his looks 
Or his smooth talking ways 
Don't expect to find gold 
From just a few days 

Take time in your choice 
Because abuse is no joke 
It's hard to correct 
Or fix what is broke  

Domestic Abuse by David Farrar

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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