The Dead Black Mind

by David Farrar

The dead black mind
Is surly a waste
It sits in the back
Just taking up space

Never looking for change
To improve in itself
Never seeking its share
In this rich nations wealth

Always willing to live
In all the worse places
While slaving to work
For all other races

Though history has shown
Of the struggles gone by
To prosper as equals
With a sense of black pride

But the dead black mind
Has forgotten the cost
That Blacks had to pay
From the lives it has lost

It's never willing to vote
For a political gain
Never striving to break
That poverty chain

It lets others direct
And rule with control
While it stays in the dark
Without a positive role

It waste most of its time
Buying things it don't need
While starving its growth
It should nurture and feed

This dead black mind
Will idle in park
If it doesn't wake up
Or get out of the dark

It must learn to regroup
In a community way
And take control of its future
Where Blacks have some say

It must take stock in a land
That grew from its roots
And invest in black businesses
Of black ties and suits

And get out of that life
Of violence and crime
Because there's nothing to gain
From a jail doing time

For it can only expand
Through educational drills
Of hard working minds
With knowledge and skills

Then to the top it will rise
To let the corporate world know
There's a successful Black Nation
And its power will grow

The Dead Black Mind by David Farrar

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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