A Cry From A Black Man

by David Farrar

Every-time I wake up
I pray for that day
When Blacks can feel proud
And our past washed away

But I can't see a future
When we keep our eyes shut
And we continue to live
In the dark and the smut

We're the only Race on earth
That takes pride in a word
That made slaves out of men
And stands for hate when it's heard

But we hear it everyday
And it starts with an "N"
Like drugs in our veins
Its use has no end

I can never understand
Why we embrace it with love
A word born out of Hell
We should not be proud of

You will never hear others
Insult them selves like we do
As we watch them succeed
While we're flush down the tube

We've been dragged through the dirt
Though at times it's our fault
For we pass to our young
All the crap we've been taught

And we will always be slaves
If we continue to use
That word we've been called
And we seem to abuse

How can we earn respect
In a world like today
When we keep ourselves down
And never change in our ways

It's time to turn things around
And break this chain that we bear
And stop living as fools
And put our ass into gear

We must instill in our young
They're the key to our change
Make education the rule
Let success be their range

And only then we will earn
The respect we demand
And stop living a word
That ties up our hand

So I say to my Brothers
And Sisters you too
Let's show pride in ourselves
For we're Gods children too

A Cry From A Black Man by David Farrar

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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