The Fight Of The Century

by David Farrar

It was a race to the finish 
A fight to the end 
Knocked down and knocked out 
What a punch he would send 

Unlike Ali and Frazier 
This was televised 
For everyone saw 
That look in his eyes 

They fought and they battled 
They went toe to toe 
They hooked and they jabbed 
They hit high and hit low 

McCain on the floor 
While Obama stood tall 
It was that one-two punch 
That made that man fall 

Even Governor Palin 
With her legs looking fine 
Couldnít stop the ten count 
When the ref came to nine 

A new champ had been crowned 
A new era begun 
The Republican lost 
And a Democrat won 

The world was amazed 
Crowds rose to their feet 
Yelling Obama, Obama 
As McCain took defeat 

Now a chance for that change 
Was now on the rise 
For a new day has come 
And we welcomed the prize 

It was the fight of the century 
The best ever seen 
A historical moment 
If you know what I mean 

Now a year has gone by 
Some still feel the pain 
So they rally and protest 
Without old man McCain 

Like the racist Tea Party 
And that radio host 
The Fox TV network 
That airs coast to coast 

They say theyíre patriotic 
How bizarre does that sound 
For I see just a circus 
With white dunce cap and gown 

With their bigot like posters 
And racist remarks 
They refuse to accept 
A champ who is dark 

They want Obama to fail 
Regardless of cost 
So selfish and bitter 
Because they have lost 

They protested his speech 
To our young ones in school 
He said an educated mind 
Should be their primary tool 

Now how mindless were they 
How dumb can they be 
Just a brewery of hatred 
Any blind man can see 

The Republican base 
Seem to welcome their quest 
For they always vote no 
When Obama votes yes 

Like the healthcare reform 
That is needed so bad 
They rather see people die 
And lose what they had 

As banks regain strength 
And the recession whines down 
They still wonít admit 
That he turn this around 

I donít understand 
This hatred they feel 
Yet I do know one thing 
This Black man is real 

Though the greatest fight ever 
Is now a year back 
These fools are still mad 
That their leaderís now Black 

But heís our President 
Our Commander-in-Chief 
So they need to respect that 
And get over their grief  

The Fight Of The Century by David Farrar

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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