by David Farrar

Who is this candidate
The Republicans push
To sit at the helm
As President Bush

His educational skills
Are less than the best
Always coached how to answer
Any question or test

I can see in his eyes
A fake kind of man
Whose political agenda
Is just a political scam

And if elected by chance
Most women will lose
Their abortional rights
And their freedom to choose

He will try to reverse 
Roe v. Wade
And restrict many rights
For those who are Gay

He's a man who believes
In that Texas green mile
And death row will soar
Executional style

He will weaken the law
And increase in the toll
Of lives we will lose
Without strict gun control

With Foreign affairs
He's not one I would trust
He'll add fuel to the fire
On the world's tender crust

I grieve for those Nations
Needing assistance the most
Especially countries of color
Like the African coast

Affirmative action
Has been on his hit list
He'll dismantle its cause
And be quick to assist

For those who are poor
Or assumed middle class
He will raise all your cost
And Federal aid will be slashed

So don't be mislead
By his goodfellow rap
Or his unjust ways
And political crap

He's a man on a mission
To bring us all down
Like his Father before him
And Republican background

Bush by David Farrar

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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