Black Progress

by David Farrar

No Black Motivation
Our progress is slow
Black entrepreneurs
Are helplessly low

Few Black Corporations 
Few Black Enterprise
Few chains of Black stores 
Few establish Franchise
No wealth from Black oil 
No five star Hotels
No Mini Marts Plazas 
Black Inns or Motels
Few Financial Institutions
Few Worldly Black Banks
Just small establishments 
Getting lost in the ranks

No Black Microsoft
Our stocks remain weak
Our Boundaries are limited 
And our future seems bleak

No Ebays or Googles
No Vineyards or Mines
No rich jewelry stores
Black growth rates declines

Just small time Investments
Not nearly enough
No support for Black Business
When hard times turn tough

We limit our progress
And never expand
Black business won’t stretch
Beyond poor Ghetto land

Over four hundred years 
Our progress still slow
Watching Non-Blacks move up
With successful cash flow

We seem to recycle
Incompetent minds
With poor Ghetto traits
Keeping Blacks far behind

We live for the day 
Without plans for tomorrow
Allowing poor and young Blacks 
To beg, steal and borrow

Our ability to prosper
Is economically lost
We lack in sound values
And then suffer the cost

We trust in all others 
For decisions and choice
We choose to stay weak 
And won’t assert our Black voice

We give in to ignorance
Over educated skills
And our chance to be equal
Will cease to be real

If we continue this road
We will soon self-destruct
We’ll be last in society
While the world reconstructs

Black Progress by David Farrar

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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