Bike Ride

by David Farrar

It was a beautiful morning
Not a cloud in the sky
It was eighty and clear
All the rain clouds were dry

I was feeling that urge
That I just couldn't hide
As I set up my bike
For a long country ride

With the turn of a key
I was well on my way
To tackle the road
On this warm summer day

I start cruising the coast
Without worry or care
I was feeling at ease
With the wind in my hair

Then out of the blue
At a bend in the road
Stood a sweet chocolate lady
About thirty years old

In a bra-less tee shirt
And Daisy Mae jeans
She was beauty in motion
Of sweet chocolate dreams

As I came to a stop
She asked for a lift
And I thought to myself
What a day, and a gift

She mounted my bike
As if filling a crack
With her firm tender breast
Caressing my back

When I picked up the speed
So the engine could purr
I sense from her moves
That it caused her to stir

Like a vibrating tool
Of tempting desire
I knew that this ride
Was heating her fire

For she sighed in my ear
As her hands slip below
Caressing my Dick
And making it grow

She rubbed and she stroked 
For miles on end
She was making me hot
Again and again

With a bulge in my pants
I took it in stride
Keeping an eye on the road
While enjoying the ride

Then dawn turned to dust
On this sexy hot trail
So we stopped for a break 
At the Pleasure Motel

Once there we would quench
Our sexual need
In the ride of our life
Of sexual greed

Now I don't like to brag
And I don't like to boast
But I'm still riding high
From that drive down the coast

Bike Ride by David Farrar

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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