Best Of Two Worlds

by David Farrar

By David Farrar

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Part African-American
From a mix sort of breed
My blood has been crossed
With that Cherokee seed

Two very large Nations
One red and one black
I'm the best of two worlds
And that link in the track

Though similar in ways
They are worlds far apart
But they flow through my veins
And gives strength to my heart

They both have a history
Which they've taken a stand
To die for their rights
And live free in this land

They were meant to be kings
Yet they both served as slaves
But they were warriors in life
Though they rest in their graves

They were God's precious children
And they lived off the land
Mother Nature's true friend
The key to life in their hands

Although my Forefathers lived
Through hardships and battles
Their legacy lives on
As I walk in their shadows

But I don't walk alone
For there are others who bare
That black and red mix
From a history we share

And I will honor the past
Of how things use to be
And the struggles gone by
So that I can live free

Best Of Two Worlds by David Farrar

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