A Oneness In Solitude

by G. Onimira Farley

I am me 
not anyone else
just me
not an extension of you
or her
or them….

I am the uniqueness of me 
the only one of a kind
no others exist
just me
a oneness
a solitary me….

I laugh
I cry
I smile
In fear I hide
I jump for joy
I run 
in my own unique way
I am me….

In my solitude 
I dream 
a continued thought in fantasy
I feel the sadness
I feel the joy
In anger my blood boils and burns
In love it flows softly in gurgles and whispers 
like a river
or a stream….

I am me
just me
and in my oneness in solitude 
I will always be just me
not a dream 
or an illusion
not a carbon copy 
or a fad
nor a groupie
just me
by myself
a oneness in solitude….

A Oneness In Solitude by G. Onimira Farley

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