A Thirsty Bull

by Do Lamin Faal

Looking up with full eyes; in the African plains. 
The heat is still high, under the thin thorn tree-. 
A bull is lose from a conservation park. Rushing in 
loud bewildering sounds. His strong neck; marches his head 
direction, and pushing through the yellow savanna. I could 
say; he is in a bad mood. Or desperate for something. 
Through much thickness flank of weed, and bushes. 
He could slow his charging spirit. 
He is pushing and running; flapping his heavy feet. 
He looks up everywhere for caution. Hitting pile of grasses. 
He sees a hawk descending; he is on a chase, trying to catch a guinea fowl. 
Around birch trees and high grass. 
There is a posse of hyenas walking back wards in a retreating manner. 
Moving for safety from the bull. He is mooing loudly; 
Still taking a fast run between a mile in the pasture field, and muddy hills. 
The sky above glow, in light blue and white colors; spreading away. 
There is no sign of incoming rain. Finally, the bull smell river water. 
He seems to know where he is going; better than, I do. 
He walk to the river and lie down, beside the waterfall, 
and consume gallons of fresh water. 
It is a hot day, but the ZAMBESI river, offer him means to keep moving. 

A Thirsty Bull by Do Lamin Faal

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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