Jazz Vibes At Sunset Festival

by Do Lamin Faal

An evening serve us. The rhythm of a happy vibe. It is a flow of thought in poetic splash. Spirit of the day sits beside me in ritual smile. Inside a park where the wind decorates art. Some talents are rap, with flowers. Colors spreading on tables. The wind is a weekend company. Above the sleepy river. Its shadow covers branches of oak trees; bending towards the jazzy water. While the oak branches bend. They enclose the moment of summer's art gift. Bushes listen to a tune of jazz; moving with the evening into a sunset.

Long line of pastor hills; trail water; flowing to the valley. Freshness slumber with the breeze; enriching the green grass. It is a cool day indeed, empowering a musical culture. In a journey defining performance. Birds enjoy dazzling sounds around the park. Flowers help invitees to be artistic and germane to instrumental echoes. Mediums of soft impulse; Conveying a sense about performing gravity. Jazz vibration is a balanced feeling. It is now rising with a story, into the cool twilight.

Jazz Vibes At Sunset Festival by Do Lamin Faal

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