by Kevin D. Ervin

I wonder what life would be if man 
were more aware that he/she were truly made up of the water? 
Water makes no distinctions of this-verses-that 
and is good to all living things. 
Water is masculine like a mighty river 
and its feminine like the powerful sea, 
yet water has no age old "battle of the sexist" 
within its' history. 
Water knows all and possesses the capability 
to take the shape and form of anything... 
If chosen water can be in the form 
of a noisy, fast-moving, shallow stream. 
A stream that's heard long before seen 
and when actually seen it's seen straight through... 
Water can also be in the form 
of a deep, slow-paced, silent river. 
But the river, the river makes very little noise 
and can be walked up on unkowingly. 
The river, beneath its blank face 
is full of powerful undercurrents silently waiting. 
So how is one to know 
if these undercurrents of life are good or evil? 
I mean both are hypnotic 
and both drown their victims without mercy. 
But then again water makes no distinctions 
because water is a virtue of life...

Untitled by Kevin D. Ervin

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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