A True T.H.U.G

by Kevin D. Ervin

There are stages to a T.H.U.G. 
The first stage is "the realization" where reality breaks..."
the illusion" to the conditions of ones "mind"... 
Therefore the second stage to the minds eye 
of a T.H.U.G is realism, and only realism. 
The third stage to a T.H.U.G is the truth, 
the totality of the truth its very own self. 
And the final stage is the soul; divinity to mind. 
The true awakening of ones very own God-consciousness. 
The purpose of ones soul to God oneself. 
Be warned I tell you, because a prophet (re)-appears 
in many forms that one simply would not believe standing right before you. 
And to my real "niggas" still lost 
on the street corners, in the projects, prison camps, 
wherever your mind and the purpose of time takes you... 
Remember that, if nothing at all, because that...is the Goddamn truth. 
Arise you gods, all the way with the truth its very own self, 
because God oneself is the truth that forever lived within. 
The only mirror for the mind to get lost within...

A True T.H.U.G by Kevin D. Ervin

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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