by Deborah R. Epps

I am watchin: young girl, growin up too fast,
arms flailin, braids swingin, gum poppin,
slow down so you can see what your future gonna be...
young boyz, holdin down isolated corners
runnin from car to car, peddlin death.
Do their mommas know, do their mommas care,
do mommas know where they are, did they put them out there...
peeps in fancy cars, eyes glazed over
not lookin forward to another tomorrow.
Life is short, life is unfair
so lucky to have life but does life care...
early mornin light, and I'm waitin, still watchin...
brothas desolute and full of despair,
tired faces, broken bodies, givin up and givin in,
stoppin each other, countin pennies,
puttin together spare change, brothas wit canes,
lookin in empty crevices, peekin in hollow alleys
on that never endin search for near empty bottles of alcohol,
hopes and dreams, left but not fully forgotten...
now i'm being watched..i lower my eyes,
so bro don't catch my gaze, wanna show respect,
time for dignity is due,
who's watchin the watcher when the watcher is not u?

Watching by Deborah R. Epps

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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