by Deborah R. Epps

seeing you walking by, I start to get beats
swirlin all up in my head
Your rhythm is contagious, flowin naturally 
 reminding me of deep bass,
 percussion beats and smooth sax tones
Takin me back to a past life I strive to remember
and hope never to forget
Brotha come with me on my journey
Imagine winding rivers, tropical lushness and 
visions of you and me
unspoiled and lovin each other passionately
the way it was meant to be
me with you and you with me, entwined like locs,
lovin hot, sweet, deliciously 
YOU ……….tasting like a chocolate covered dream
brothas always do this for me

ebony skin yearning to be touched,
licked, caressed ……can I go on
without reaching out to feel your body
and wrapping myself up in your big strong arms
I need to feel you pressing up against and inside of me...
holdin on tightly
Hey brotha slow your pace cuz you almost out of my site
and my scenario is far from being fulfilled
I need to feel you, know you,
in every way and in every way, have you know me
For without you in my visions, there would be no me
no beats, no rhythm, no flow  
my soul would be incomplete

Brothas by Deborah R. Epps

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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