Guilty As Charged!

by Tha Emissary

I just can't understand it 
Why you acting all like this, 
When you and I both know it was you all along who started this fire 
It was you who set my heart aflame and there was no other arsonist near 
To get me burned by the fire 
So marked by the flame 
Yet you still look away and act as though 
you didn't even see the sparks ignite between us. 
So I guess I have to interrogate your sweet little body 
Just to get to the truth! 
Therefore, I'm pressing charges 
Right now pressing my hand to the wall 
Entangling my fingers in betwixt yours 
As I pull down your bra 
Pressing your chocolate milk filled breasts 
flat against the two-sided glass as I begin lick your soft neck 
Stroll my tongue down your backside to slowly grill your lovely a@# 
However I need some evidence, 
The least bit of existence that this fiery passion did occur 
Hence I run my finger through the curves of your legs 
then feel for the warmth on your checks 
That's all the proof I need to read you your rights: 
You have the right to remain silent, but you also have the right to scream 
If you don't have a lover, one will be appointed to you 
And what you do or say at this moment won't be held against you, 
But always kept between you and I 
Nevertheless I see you remain the silent type 
So I have to use force this time 
Slam you down and stretch you out on the black questioning table 
and spread you wide to cross-examine your thighs, get deeper inside your mind, 
quizzing you on every bit of these 21 Questions 
Beginning with 
Can I go deeper? 
And Baby is it good to you? 
After I reach number 21 I'll just stop 
Hover above you and let my brown eyes shine down into yours 
as if it were the little white light 
Then I'll ask the last, Do you love me? 
And watch as you break down and cry 
Screaming out your guilt! 
Then I'll know that your love was real 
and at that very peak of that cry I'll lean forward 
and suck that plea bargain from your wet lips. 
Telling the jury of your peers in my closing arguments 
That Yes, 
you were guilty of loving me, 
but your love was innocent, 
And your only sentence and time 
should be a lifetime of your heart's eternity chain ganged to mine.

Guilty As Charged! by Tha Emissary

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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