Memoirs of an Inner City

by Victoria Ellison

The laughter is gone now,
where children used to play,
Where the girls played hopscotch
 doubled dutch on the sidewalks.
The singing 
has been replaced now,
 by a five and dime that closed
years ago
and now is a safe haven 
for winos to drink their wine
and piss in the corners
where the entrances used to be.
The apartments buildings
 are all boarded up
 and their only tenant's
are the junkies who's only 
way in and out of the building
is through a 
loose board
where the sun once
shone through some
young family's window.
I walk where thriving 
businesses used to be
Where are they now?
Memoirs of an Inner City

Memoirs of an Inner City by Victoria Ellison

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