The One That Got Away

by Victoria Ellison

I'm a tell you a story
I sware  on a stack ob bibles
 is tru' 
Just as sho' as I'm standin' here
Talkin to you.
It happen not a long time ago
When me en my boy Allen Went out fishin'  'bout fo'.
We drew out our boat
'Bout out to there....... 

We sat wit some snacks, our bait, en some beer,
When all ob a sudden I's feels dis tug in my snare.
It took me en Allen both to draws in dis line
We fought wit dat fish till
A quarter til nine.
After de fish gave up his fight
Me en Allen pulls him in de boat
En what a sight to behold
Dis fish could feed a thousand people or mo'.
Realizin  we had enuff fish fo' de season 
We's turns in de boat
To goes in fo' the evenin'.
We measured dat pike
From my shoulder to my feet,
I figure his was
Least fo' ft.
I sware  just  as sho' as I stand
Dis here fish was big as a man.
When all ob a sudden a gust ob wind came
And blew dat dere fish Right outta my hand.
Back into dat water,
He splashed as he land.
He stuck his head out ob de water,
Wit a gleam in his  eye,
Pointed his fin,
En warned me never to fish
in dis parts again.
En den, I swear,
Wit God as my witness,
I heard him laugh, as he swam away.
I sware dis story is tru',
Wit de Lawd as my witness
Just as  sho' I'm standin' here
Tellin'  y'all today,
'Bout de evil eight ft. fish De one dat got away.

The One That Got Away by Victoria Ellison

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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